“Alexis,can you borrow a million dollars to me?” Emma said to Alexis, “I’d like to, but I…” ”Ok, I know, I take it for three months; I promise you I would return it to you three months later.”
“Could you tell me what to do after you get the money, Alexis asked curiously. “You know I jred wing shoesust graduated recently, so I do not have enough money to pay for other things, I’m being appointed to a big company now, which has a good prospect. I do not want to be fired because of my bad image. I would like to change myself by using this money, for example, I want to buy GUCCI handbags, COACH handbag or other high quality clothes and so on, can you consider again, please.” Emma said frankly. “Well, I’ll lend you.” Alexis promised Emma at last.
Alexis believed him and lent him the money fijack wolfskin outletnally. However, Alexis never thought Emma’s motive was not like that he said before, many months ago, Emma had been gambling and lost a lot of money and Emma borrowed the money directly to pay his debts, namely, Emma didn’t buy GUCCI handbags, COACH handbags.
Three months had passed; Emma did not have intention to pay back the money. And they had been friends for five years. He felt embarrassed to remind him to pay the money. But he was also a bit worried about losing the money, so he began to inquire about his other friends about him. Finally, Emma’s friend said that he often borrowed everyday necessity from people gucci сумкиaround him and he often gambling, in order to save their lives, he must be to borrow money to repay here and there.
Emma’s friend also suggested Alexis how to lend money to another people. First, to find out the truth about that people, whether the reasons to borrow money live with the situation that one had, and secondly, to lend money to each other within the scope of his subject. Even though they could not pay back and will not be affected.
You lent money to friends and they may thank you at the beginning, but once he was in bad faith, you ask her to, the relationship between the two would be destroyed. So we should not lend money to a friend casually

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