Small errors lead to large losses

Victoria and Jessica are from different companies. They do not know each other, because the company needs to develop and expand competitiveness, at the same time, their ability are recognised with hesitation, so they were sent to attend a NLP training by their boss. When they come back, They should give the company’s other staff a training bogner sale, which enables the company into a very good operation.
One day, Victoria and Jessica arrived at the prescribed time to receive training there, because they are arranged in the same place to stay, so they started talking. Two days later, they felt that their ambitions were similar. Victoria and Jessica talked very vigorously, and slowly they became good friends chinese cheongsam dress.
During the training, Victoria and Jessica often went out to dinner or went shopping together. In order to be able to remember each other, they even sent a beautiful gift to each other. In other people’s eyes, they let other people feel very envious.
As the saying goes “A friend in need is a friend indeed.” Friend is one who can show happiness and sorrows, when one is in trouble, friends would be absolutely determined to help you. But when we see the following events, we may feel the person’s hypocrisy, including Jessica.
In the last few days of training, Jessica suddenly received a call from the company, there was an important customer who need him to talk, if it was successful, he will not only get a lot of salary, but also promotion, of course, it was a good opportunity for him. So he rushed hastily taking his COACH handbag on the table and flied back giuseppe zanotti, which had the luxury high-quality leather and custom accessories with elegant coach cloth made of the classic signs. .
However, when Jessica talked with the customer, he found that he took Victoria’s COACH handbag. There were many materials that customer required. The customer thought Jessica must be careless and didn’t have sincerity, and then gave up the opportunity to work with them. He was almost collapse. So Jessica call back, to Jessica’s surprise, Victoria said they have the same COACH handbag. Jessica could not stand the blow, so he asked him to have compensation for the money. They also played a lawsuit at last, not to mention their relationship

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