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As the summer coming

As the summer coming, the weather become hotter and hotter bottega veneta, maybe your sandles bought last year are out of-date in this season. Lily also met this trouble. However, her friend knew that she like Christian Louboutin shoes very…
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The cafe in a snow

The white snow on the street was swept out to a road only allowed one people through. In this winter, few people would come out to hang out. The whole block was solitude and quiet, only heard the wind blowing…
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Small errors lead to large losses

Victoria and Jessica are from different companies. They do not know each other, because the company needs to develop and expand competitiveness, at the same time, their ability are recognised with hesitation, so they were sent to attend a NLP…
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“Alexis,can you borrow a million dollars to me?” Emma said to Alexis, “I’d like to, but I…” ”Ok, I know, I take it for three months; I promise you I would return it to you three months later.” “Could you…
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Fashion editor

Nancy was attracted by an advertisement in the newspaper. The advertisement said that the Pacific Company was looking for a fashion editor. Nancy was glad to see that. She set her regucci bagssume to the Pacific Company immediately and was…
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So how did Victoria Beckham turn a few dresses into a £34 million fashion business?

Her mainline label started eight years ago with just 10 dresses. Today, she’s making revenue of £34 million – putting her on track to be the breadwinner in Brand Beckham. What’s the secret to her success? In a season in…
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